Air Freight

With Express, Premium, Standard and Deferred, Tigers has a full range of products that allows you to match the cost with the service level you require for you business.

Air Express

Our dedicated customer service team will ensure that your goods reach their final destination in the quickest possible time. 24 hours Airport-to-Airport for all your time critical shipments.

Air Premium

Enjoy a high uplift priority for your important shipments

Air Standard

Our normal service that still comes with Tigers' excellent customer service and can of course be used with all our standard value added services.

Air Deferred

A reduced cost option that fully utilizes our freight network to get your goods quickly to their final destination


Ocean Freight

Tigers has a complete range of Full Container Load (FCL) and Less-than Container Load (LCL) services within our comprehensive global network.

Full Container Loads (FCL)

As a licensed NVOCC, Tigers has an extensive global multi-modal network fully controlled by our global Freight Management System (FMS) and visibility portal, TigerTrax. Make use of our door-to-door delivery service and we can handle the whole point-to-point shipment on your behalf.

Less than Container Loads (LCL)

Tigers can quickly and efficiently handle all your partial shipments and all the while still ensure you get the required service levels for your business. With fixed schedules, frequent sailings and of course full traceability on our TigerTrax web portal, you can be sure of your shipments.



Our hybrid ocean and air freight service allows you to properly balance your freight lead time, cost and environmental concerns.

Sea Air Services via Dubai/Korea
  • A combination option between Ocean and Air
    • Saving 50% Transit time
    • 50% air cost

  • For Shipper in Asia operated like a standard Ocean Shipment

  • For Consignee at Destination operated like a standard Air Import Shipment

  • Dedicated Sea Air Operation Teams in Asia, Dubai, Europe and America

  • Sea Air is operated as a Core Competence and Key Product of Tigers

  • Real-Time Track and Trace

  • Reduced carbon footprint vs air, half the transit time of ocean

Value Added Services

Tigers' reputation comes from our ability to manage all aspects of door-to-door freight; we will manage customs, documentation, PO management, carrier & supplier management, amongst others.

Consolidation Services

We can make sure you get the best value for your shipments with our consol services.

Documentation Preparation

Our systems greatly speed up document creation and submission.

Carrier Management

We can manage your direct carrier contracts, monitor their KPIs on your behalf and validate your invoices to make sure you don’t pay too much for your shipments.

Customs Brokerage and Compliance

Our expertise and knowledge can streamline this critical area; Tigers will ensure none of your shipments get held unnecessarily and we can advise you on payment strategy.


We can cover all aspects of door-to-door shipments to make sure there are no delays or hidden charges.

International Security Regulatory Compliance

We make sure you comply with all the world’s complex security regulations. We work with a number of requirements like US CBP, US TSA, UK DoT and C-TPAT.

Cargo Insurance

Upon request, Tigers will make sure this important area is properly covered on your behalf.

PO Management & Order Tracking

Whether it is a full shipment or a partial call-off; our systems and processes can make sure your PO’s are properly checked and managed on your behalf.


Global FM Gateway

Our comprehensive global network covers South America, North America, Africa, Europe and the whole Asia Pacific region.


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