Tigers has the software and systems in place to enable a full end-to-end solution for e-Commerce – "click-click to ding dong”. These solutions can be used as a full suite or swapped in and out to work with any existing solutions you have yourself.

Client Facing Layer

Tigers’ integration management tool is designed to take the pain away from integration by making this the easy process it should be. You can plug in to our existing partner integrations or we can rapidly create and deploy new integrations – we currently do 200+ bespoke integrations per year.
  • Any file format
  • Any transfer method
  • API management
  • Any partner system
Orders Portal
Entering new markets with e-Commerce solutions can be challenging, so as part of our SmartHub suite, Tigers has developed a tool that allows you to manage website orders and e-Requests:
  • A validation layer to perform a number of checks that can include that:
    • All inbound orders comply with your business rules (correct invoice values, weights etc.)
    • Orders have enough stock
    • All address information complies with courier address requirements – Tigers checks addresses with courier systems in real time
  • Non-compliant orders can be processed in a number of ways:
    • Rejected back to source with reasons for rejection
    • They can be held in the orders portal, where data can be fixed and resubmitted for validation by Tigers or your own customer service team.
All of this is designed to help with your service levels to your customers; reduced returns and smooth downstream data avoiding logistics blockages, or unnecessary courier fines and shipment delays. Lastly, another key advantage is that it takes pressure off your own IT department by moving the emphasis of the changes required for a new market onto Tigers. This allows you to push more rapidly into new markets with a lower preparation lead time at your end.
As part of our SmartHub suite, Tigers has developed the ScanPack tool to allow you tight control over your key outbound courier service to your customers. The solution is designed to manage the outbound service with a number of key activities that you can mix and match to your processes.
  • Courier Management
    • Dynamically choose couriers during outbound based rules for each package
    • Courier rate shopping – select the cheapest option
    • Label printing – print the correct label for each carrier option
    • Real time integration means we hit the carrier APIs during processing to ensure the correct and most current information is transferred
  • Document Management
    • We can print all of your customer facing documents
    • Real time document management – each package can be different with different documentation requirements
  • Operational Flow Management
    • Validate package level quantities
    • Perform value-added-services, such as adding free gifts and messages
In summary, manage multiple couriers and interleave various integration, value-added services, and label requirements during the outbound process. We can treat each package as a separate item to be worked on and produce the required type, layout and number of documents etc. for each package individually.
Data Management
Modern tile based solutions will allow you to look at data in graphical summary format and then drill down into the detail as well as ask questions of the data. Tigers has both data visibility solutions and the Gravity strategic supply chain management options available:
  • One global DB
  • Real time global visibility
  • Self-service data analytics
  • Reports & KPIs

Operational Facing Layer

All Tigers offices have only one freight system globally, CargoWise, Tigers' full end-to-end system for international and domestic freight, which covers all aspects of the freight industry. This system allows all information to be shared globally by Tigers offices which gives us one version of the truth and allows us to avoid the issues and mistakes that plague separate regional systems.

Tigers Store WMS
A product of more than 20 years of operational and IT experience, Tigers Store WMS is an internally developed, built-for-purpose warehouse management system facilitating the rapid on-boarding of clients and delivering peace of mind.